Matyka? Matyka has a particular signification for the creators of the publishing house. In the first trilogy of our autor, the principal caracters are Kayla, Adam and Terry. Our writer is one of the owner of our business, so it has meaning : MA (for Adam) TY (for Terry) KA (for Kayla). The reason why we opened our publishing house… It’s simple : we are better served by ourselves. Greatly disappointed by another publisher, our author has decided to take charge of her destiny, and to make every effort to make her passion, her career. This makes her truly connected to the authors and has a clear vision of what she wants for her company. What about us? We are passionate people who have a constant desire to learn and to excel. Our publishing house is a family business and what we publish is very important for us. Our authors have a very important place in our company and we want to respect their ideas while adapting them to the current market. Our values are also very present ; they dictate our conduct and the atmosphere within our team is very dynamic. We respect each other and we work harder to make a better work. Our publishing house starts in the industry. We want to build a solid reputation with loyal customers. For the moment, we have a little catalog, but slowly we will be offering a variety of novels that we are sure will please you. We particularly love fantastic novels. We are excited to make you discover our favorites. Get to know us one book at a time!